Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management in Pakistan

Through a combination of creativity, experience, and technology, we guide the audience to discover your brand in the most authentic way possible, We integrate powerful marketing campaign strategies with effective social media management so you can improve your business online while you enjoy your coffee today.

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Content Development

Includes ideation, conceptualisation, and laying out the frameworks required to develop content which encompasses everything social media related (statics, videos, and more).

Content Production

The process of creating the content which covers content planning, copywriting, designing and more.

Content Optimisation

After publishing the content, the results are analysed and studied in order to be used for future reference to determine what works and what does not.

Social Listening

The process of monitoring and recording what the audience feedback is in regards to the content, and using their behaviours and sentiments to learn what resonates the most.

Audience Engagement

Mingling and interacting with the relevant communities in the digital landscape. This includes replying to comments in an approproate and timely manner, to mitigation of potential issues brewing online.

Daily Monitoring

GAK Technologies will monitor your social media page(s) activities (comments, messages, reviews) and help you to respond to them. For new leads, we will work together with our client to understand how we can convenient the process.

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